SunKissed <3

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How lucky could we be?

Yesterday we had our summer party with work. The weather was perfect.

We started the evening off with a boat ride, Champagne was served and the water was so quiet. Just the perfect start to such a good night.

Sunkissed, obsessed with colored sunnies <3

How amazing is Oslo?s skyline? =)

Our dinner was set at Promenaden, Srenga was just beautiful. The foodwas perfect for summer. Since I?m not the biggest fan off shrimps, I had Tapas. Food Love ;)

On our way back home, the dark sky almost caught up with us. I was afraid we had to finish such an amazing day with soaking wet clothes and way to big waves for it be a comfortable ride.

But lucky as we are I was all dry when I got home <3

Hope you enjoyed this day just as much as I did.

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Life is beautiful <3

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Wow.. How beautiful Norway is in summertime! I'm just In love with this weather <3 please continue like this forever !!

From Warsaw With Love

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We landed back in Norway Monday night, but I could still find some snap shots from Warsaw.

Cutest bakery sign <3


Adorable Italian restaurant (know nothing about the food ;)

Loved this restaurant and the food ;) Such a foodie and Poland varies from the biggest mountaintops to the lowest valleys when it comes to culinary experiences.

Who doesn?t love a day at the spa, best way to start the morning with a relaxing massage <3

One thing I really loved was all the green parks. It kind of let the city breath. Feel less crowdy and open.

Marriot, our hotel for the trip

It feels good to be home, but my love for travel cannot keep me in Norway for too long. Next weekend will I explore Amsterdam! Super excited.

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I Believe in the person I want to become

Wow, how the days just fly away. Still think I?m floating on my own pink vacation cloud and suddenly I woke up and it?s Friday. Last few days have just consisted off workouts, work and long powerwalks. Have to try to be in the best shape I can when my plane takes off to LA.

I?m so lucky to get to workout with my PT two times a week, every morning I do my powerwalk, let?s just say I?m glad I?m amorning person, but even I think 5 am is early ;) but hey, you got to do what you got to do. If you want it bad, enough you will find a way.

How do you stay motivated?

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