SunKissed <3

  • Skrevet 19.06.2014 klokka 10:10

How lucky could we be?

Yesterday we had our summer party with work. The weather was perfect.

We started the evening off with a boat ride, Champagne was served and the water was so quiet. Just the perfect start to such a good night.

Sunkissed, obsessed with colored sunnies <3

How amazing is Oslo?s skyline? =)

Our dinner was set at Promenaden, Srenga was just beautiful. The foodwas perfect for summer. Since I?m not the biggest fan off shrimps, I had Tapas. Food Love ;)

On our way back home, the dark sky almost caught up with us. I was afraid we had to finish such an amazing day with soaking wet clothes and way to big waves for it be a comfortable ride.

But lucky as we are I was all dry when I got home <3

Hope you enjoyed this day just as much as I did.

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Liv Judit

19.06.2014 kl.16:22

For noen flotte og herlige bilder :)


19.06.2014 kl.16:34

livjudit: tusen takk :D


19.06.2014 kl.20:57

den maten s god ut:)<3


20.06.2014 kl.06:03

mmffee: det var veldig godt <3

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