From Warsaw With Love

  • Skrevet 18.06.2014 klokka 13:43

We landed back in Norway Monday night, but I could still find some snap shots from Warsaw.

Cutest bakery sign <3


Adorable Italian restaurant (know nothing about the food ;)

Loved this restaurant and the food ;) Such a foodie and Poland varies from the biggest mountaintops to the lowest valleys when it comes to culinary experiences.

Who doesn?t love a day at the spa, best way to start the morning with a relaxing massage <3

One thing I really loved was all the green parks. It kind of let the city breath. Feel less crowdy and open.

Marriot, our hotel for the trip

It feels good to be home, but my love for travel cannot keep me in Norway for too long. Next weekend will I explore Amsterdam! Super excited.

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18.06.2014 kl.14:01

wow mange flotte bilder :) Polen er et flott land syns jeg!

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